Прилагођене налепнице за штампање копија винила 3 инча прилагођене налепнице са логотипом

Custom vinyl copy printing stickers 3 inches custom logo sticker custom vinyl back print stickers
Бакарни папир, синтетички папир, глупи сребрни ПЕТ, бели ПЕТ, провидни ПЕТ, ПВЦ.
ЦМИК, боја Пантоне, пуна боја.
Разноликост ефеката
водоотпоран, холограм, изрезан, отпоран на високе температуре, провидан, златна фолија, може се уклонити и тако даље.
Ролл, појединачни лист или Дие Цут.
Време реализације
Обично 5-7 радних дана након плаћања и потврђеног уметничког дела.
Би БОЛЕТО, мастерцард, виса, е-Цхецкинг, ПАИЛАТЕР, Т/Т, Веструрн Унион.
Авионом, морем, међународним експресом итд.

Print durable vinyl stickers that withstand outdoor exposure.

  • Durable, weatherproof white vinyl material
  • Choose between roll and cut-to-size options
  • Gloss for cut-to-size; gloss or matte for roll
  • Square, rectangle, and circle shapes available

Vinyl sticker printing is a staple of branded outdoor promotions and custom product packaging. This popular marketing tool is placed on walls, windows, food and drink containers, and shipped boxes. The material can withstand outdoor elements such as water and weather. Print in matte or gloss laminate to complement the vibrant colors on your design.

Both sticker types can be printed in square, rectangle, circle or oval shapes. Each shape comes with a wide selection of sizes.

Roll vinyl sticker designs in square or rectangle come with rounded corners. You can also create a custom shape and size for a roll vinyl sticker order.

Vinyl is a more durable sticker than the paper sticker counterpart and are ideal for long lasting outdoor and indoor applications. Vinyl is able to be die cut into any shape you can imagine! Our semitransparent transfer paper we can print window decals you can easily transfer. They are also easy to remove with little to no clean up required after. Our vinyl is perfect for window decals, vehicle decals, signs, product labels, stickers, and more!

Similar to our gloss or white paper, white vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices for our clients. This product is used everywhere from freezers to fashion. Our standard vinyl stock is polypropylene both in offset and digital printing, which the latter is a much a faster process than offset.